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So you want to be a computer criminal?

More what to do if you are busted...


The distribution of blacks, whites and Hispanics varies from institution to institution. Overall it works out to roughly 30% white, 30% Hispanic and 30% black. The remaining 10% are various other races. Some joints have a high percent of blacks and vice versa. I'm not necessarily a prejudiced person, but prisons where blacks are in majority are a nightmare. Acting loud, disrespectful, and trying to run the place is par for the course. 

In terms of crimes, 60% of the Federal inmate population are incarcerated for drug related crimes. The next most common would be bank robbery (usually for quick drug money), then various white collar crimes. The Federal prison population has changed over the years. It used to be a place for the criminal elite. The tough drug laws have changed all of that. 

Just to quell the rumors, I'm going to cover the topic of prison rape. Quite simply, in medium and low security level Federal prisons it is unheard of. In the highs it rarely happens. When it does happen, one could argue that the victim was asking for it. I heard an inmate say once, "You can't make no inmate suck cock that don't wanta." Indeed. In my 41 months of incarceration, I never felt in any danger. I would occasionally have inmates that would subtly ask me questions to see where my preferences lie, but once I made it clear that I didn't swing that way I would be left alone. Hell, I got hit on more often when I was hanging out in Hollywood! 

On the other hand, state prisons can be a hostile environment for rape and fighting in general. Many of us heard how Bernie S. got beat up over use of the phone. Indeed, I had to get busy a couple of times. Most prison arguments occur over three simple things: the phone, the TV and money/drugs. If you want to stay out of trouble in a state prison, or Federal for that matter, don't use the phone too long, don't change the channel and don't get involved in gambling or drugs. As far as rape goes, pick your friends carefully and stick with them. And always, always, be respectful. Even if the guy is a fucking idiot (and most inmates are), say excuse me. 

My final piece of prison etiquette advice would be to never take your inmate problems to "the man" (prison staff). Despite the fact that most everyone in prison snitched on their co-defendants at trial, there is no excuse for being a prison rat. Th e rules are set by the prisoners themselves. If someone steps out of line there will likely be another inmate who will be happy to knock him back. In some prisons inmates are so afraid of being labeled a rat that they refuse to be seen talking alone with a prison staff member. I should close this paragraph by stating that this bit of etiquette is routinely ignored as other inmates will snitch on you for any reason whatsoever. Prison is a strange environment.


You can make what you want to out of prison. Some people sit around and do dope all day. Others immerse themselves in a routine of work and exercise.  I studied technology and music. Regardless, prisons are no longer a place of rehabilitation. They serve only to punish and conditions are only going to worsen. The effect is that angry, uneducated, and unproductive inmates are being released back into society. 

While I was incarcerated in 95/96, the prison band program was still in operation. I played drums for two different prison bands. It really helped pass the time and when I get out I will continue with my career in music. Now the program has been canceled, all because some senator wanted to be seen as being tough on crime. Bills were passed in Congress. The cable TV is gone, pornography mags are no longer permitted, and the weight piles are being removed. All this means is that prisoners will have m ore spare time on their hands, and so more guards will have to be hired to watch the prisoners. I don't want to get started on this subject. Essentially what I'm saying is make something out of your time. Study, get into a routine and before you know  you 'll be going home, and a better person on top of it. 

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