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So you want to be a computer criminal?

More IRC logs of famous computer criminals behaving badly...

<Debris> I never called you lame, i called you a sellout who his
misrepresenting a community
<JP> well, i'm simply not going to respond to any obviously rediculous slanders anymore
<zetesis> jp: you limit your traffic outbound? can't even ping? why?
<JP> so if you people are going to fight, you are going to have to fight with yourselves

*** Signoff: bronc (Quit: Hey! Where'd my controlling terminal go?)
*** _LaDiLLa_ (~rat@bay-014-b3.codetel.net.do) has joined channel

<zetesis> ktinga: some people say hacking a web page is denial of freedom of
speech. if that is true, then +m is just as guilty, no?

<Debris> JP: no slander intended, I think you can atleast give people intentions behind antionline
<Maqh4> Anti-Idl#

<MrNfector> bitshift: doesn't surprise me. I'm a bitshift hostile sometimes, and this is one of them.
*** eCh0 is now known as VOICE

* BurntAsh cant find the board on the renovated phreak.or

*** VOICE is now known as eCh0

*** Mode change "+v eCh0" on channel #koan by temas
<BurntAsh> everyone must searce for it
> Zetesis: Hacking a web page is usually an adolescent chest-beating.

*** Mode change "+v _LaDiLLa_" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<eCh0> christ
*** RunLevel6 (~Azreal@user-37kbbho.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined channel #koan
<BurntAsh> look*
*** Mode change "+o RunLevel6" on channel #koan by temas
<_LaDiLLa_> hi
<bitshift> alright, enough with the teenager slams!
<hook> who knows locate well?
<eCh0> Ktinga, hacking a webpage is proof, just like if I owned
antionline.com, and didn't change HTML, JP would deny it.
<zetesis> ktinga: i am not talking about the MO of 95% of web page hackers. just commenting on the 'free speech' aspect.
* MrNfector has never even had more than a slight urge to hack a web page.
<BladerHater> you people really need to shutup, and i think you need to think about your actions are you hurting or helping your supposed enemy's, for those of you who are in here bitching about antionline or anything else arent you just giving them publicity which in the end helps them?

*** bronc (~bronc@2600.COM) has joined channel #koan
<eCh0> LOL

<hook> if I want to locate a file, but there are a million things that have the file name as part - how do I get just the file name?

<MrNfector> all lamers, /join #antionline-bashing
<Debris> JP: listen, i am not trying to put you down in any way. I just think the community you ARE representing deserves to know why you do what you do. Personally i dont think antionline offers the kind of information, this community can use
<McIntyre> Blader: No one in this community goes to AO anymore...
<eCh0> BladerHater: That was a very SMART paragraph there.
<zetesis> hook: use locate in conjunctino with "grep -v"
<eCh0> McIntyre
*** chix0r (~chix0r@as2-13.thrr.mi.net-link.net) has joined channel #koan
<hook> thanks
<eCh0> Because this aint no community any more.
<eCh0> Because of people like JP.
<BladerHater> AO?
*** bronc is now known as voince-plz
<zetesis> antionline offers *less* content now. i can't figure that one out.
<BladerHater> oh
*** Mode change "+vv chix0r voince-plz" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<eCh0> Who whore out hacking like its some kind of sport.
*** voince-plz is now known as bronc
* EmBoLa reminds everyone that you should be nice or else!
<bronc> hehe
<bronc> JP used his elite Imac to ping -f me again
* temas wonders what voince is
<MrNfector> sorry, we're in +m right now...

<Coolio> bah

<BladerHater> eCh0: if you want to take credit and the "fame" then tag the fucking page else just do it and get out and be happy of your accomplishment...

More typical IRC behavior of Attrition.org and Global Hell gang members -->>

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