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So you want to be a computer criminal?

More IRC logs of famous computer criminals behaving badly...

<Maqh4> Anti-Idl#
<chem1st> "No comments."
<MostHateD> i didn't think so, you hide behind your gay webpage.
<eCh0> <JP> My response is..i think i'll wait to give my response until there
are some reporters here and I'm getting paid for it.
<fake> bronc: i would be cool...make me cool please..i would like to be cool..please?
<coreyg> Whatch it all
<MostHateD> because you are useless and have no skill but to hire people to do
your storys.
<temas> I seriously would rather not have to moderate the channel.... I really
don't want to have a huge antiJP or anti anyone argument
<Debris> mh: hes going to write a report on you

<MostHateD> you got your fame off of the Analyzer story.

<MostHateD> but the rest of your shit is bullshit.

<Coolio> hrmf
<coreyg> This is getting out of hand
<EmBoLa> ok stop typing a bit hehe
<Debris> the content of the week 'mosthated makes fun of jp, hence script

<MostHateD> nothing but pathetic made up overexagerated storys.
<Coolio> i think JP is pretty cool
<MostHateD> lol Debris.
<Debris> about DoD
* MrNfector agrees w/Temas, don't make us +m the #.
<Coolio> my opion
<Debris> noone cares about the damn DoD getting hacked
<temas> I'm about two steps from moderating the channel
<MostHateD> Debris, JP is on my shit list.
<eCh0> analyzer == fake, all that bastard did was some wow rpc.status boshed
on some jippinese box that happened to be a nuclear plant, then he gave the
passes to gayw0rm and ashtray script kids
<fake> Watch..antionline will have a "Special Report - JP is TOO COOL!"
<MostHateD> temas, why?
*** Signoff: Akhmadi (Quit: Leaving)
<MostHateD> JP can't speak for himself.
<fake> eh?
<bitshift> temas- go for it...
<temas> I just got done saying how I hate the stupid anti people arguments
<MostHateD> he is a story guy.
<MostHateD> right?
<eCh0> and analyzer didnt hack pentagon
<Coolio> dude..JP didn't do shit to anyone
* coreyg slaps Diode around a bit with a large trout
<eCh0> he SCANNED it
<fake> donut use muh nickname in yer definitions..too confusing
<eCh0> lol
<MostHateD> look at all these storys in here.
<eCh0> this is neat
<Coolio> he's just trying to run a site
<hook> I don't know JP and I don't know MostHateD but this whole thing seems
<MostHateD> i'm surprised he isn't mass msging for a story.
<temas> MostHateD: I don't like fighting with people this chan is here for
people to learn
<BladerHater> this isnt a fucking hate #, i dont care who you hate, why you
hate them or how much you hate them
*** Mode change "-v AlienSoul" on channel #koan by MrNfector
*** Mode change "-v bitshift" on channel #koan by MrNfector
*** Mode change "-v bL3h" on channel #koan by MrNfector
*** Mode change "-v bread" on channel #koan by MrNfector
*** Mode change "-v bronc" on channel #koan by MrNfector
*** Mode change "-v BurntAsh" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<eCh0> hook knows eCh0 though!
*** Mode change "-v chem1st" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<MostHateD> i am learning.
<eCh0> Everyone knows eCh0.
*** Mode change "-v Coolio" on channel #koan by MrNfector
*** Mode change "-v coreyg" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<eCh0> Because eCh0 is neeeeet.
<chem1st> You cunt
<MostHateD> everyone learn that JP don't know shit
*** Mode change "-v cyberkni" on channel #koan by MrNfector
*** Mode change "-v DarkNomad" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<Debris> Jp your all proud of you page, at least defend yourself, all we see
when we look at antionline is a sellout, at least you can tell us about
*** Mode change "-v Darkshad" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<MostHateD> might help if you did +m before you -v
*** Signoff: bronc (Quit: Hey! Where'd my controlling terminal go?)
*** Mode change "-v Debris" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<fake> here we go..time for some fat +m
<EmBoLa> easy..

More typical IRC behavior of Attrition.org and Global Hell gang members -->>

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