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So you want to be a computer criminal?

More IRC logs of famous computer criminals behaving badly...

<Debris> we should make a con in PA, and one night in a drunken rage, torch antionline
<Coolio> im coolio from kingfoo networks.. NetShad0w
<Jen|DoNotDisturb> 9:43PM up 2:56, 10 users, load averages: 24.45, 25.39,
<Debris> G0at fest
*MrNfector* in the /msg or in #koan?
<bronc> NetShad0w: hi, I am Bubba, I used to work there but I quit
<eCh0> Debris, lol..

<NetShad0w> hi bronc

-> *mRnFector* All of it. :)

<Jen|DoNotDisturb> hmmmmmm
/me is.

<Debris> Will happyhacker.org Support g0at Fest?
<bronc> hehe
<eCh0> Debris..it would be crazy if we got all of HcV, gH, Goats, HpA together for a party
<fuji> so REDPEN set up the guest4 hole?
<NetShad0w> and.. who are you??? you in the war games?
<Debris> eCh0: gH too
<eCh0> Debris: People would be dead the next morning
*** Mavrik (~Mavrik115@dial-49.r19.scsumt.infoave.net) has joined channel
*** Mode change "+v Mavrik" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<Debris> we need mosthated there

<Debris> o

<Debris> didnt see that

<Debris> It would be a sick party man

-> *MrNfector* I am. :) I'm going to send this to Carol. say, when did you get
op? Good for you.

<Coolio> bah
<Coolio> Coolio doesn't do ircgroups :P
<Debris> eCh0: im going to try and organize that
<eCh0> heh, jay leno is on
<Darkshad> NetShad0w: former police officer eh?
<NetShad0w> yup

<Debris> Only open to members of goat hcv and gh

<NetShad0w> metro nashville
<Maqh4> Anti-Idl#
*** Punchdown (~andy@microcosm.world-net.net) has joined channel #koan
*** Mode change "+o Punchdown" on channel #koan by ChanServ
*** Mode change "+v Punchdown" on channel #koan by MrNfector
<Darkshad> interesting...
<NetShad0w> suburb kinda
<eCh0> debris, that shit would be rad
<bronc> NetShad0w: so is JP crying now so he sent you in?
<Sottle> heh
*MrNfector* it was a LONG time ago.
<Punchdown> Sup everyone...

More typical IRC behavior of Attrition.org and Global Hell gang members -->>

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