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So you want to be a computer criminal?

Debris responds to the IRC logs of him threatening Antionline:

Reply-To: "Debris" <debris@total.net>
From: "Debris" <debris@total.net>
To: <>
Subject: Uberhacker
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 12:05:35 -0500


Concerning your latest book, the snippet of the irc log located at http://www.happyhacker.org/intro.html serves what purpose other then slandering myself and others not involved with the activites of Global Hell? It seems to me that your latest book is more of a biography of Global Hell then anything else. However how did you compile such 'facts' without ever talking to any members of Global Hell or any other organization stated in your book? From the first introduction, you begin by stating blatent lies.

'The discussion turned ugly when the Global Hell gang came online and challenged Vranesevich'

If you would have gotten your facts straight, you would have known that Bronc, Ech0 and myself were never members of Global Hell and were never linked to their criminal activity. Associating with someone over IRC commiting felonies does not make us responsible of such crimes.

'These Global Hell people revel in their bullying, psychopathic attitude.'

How did you arrive at this conclusion? You really have never spoken with any member, do you even know what it means to bully someone?

'Meanwhile, most of the rest of the gang has been raided and their computers confiscated.'

That is not factual either. (Carolyn adds -- He's kind of right on that, when I first wrote that I failed to point out that many of them were also arrested, and now at least three are behind bars.)

It seems to me, Ms. Meinel that your latest book rather opinionated and biased with the soul purpose of slandering people you know nothing of.

As for your wargames, I feel sorry for anyone who thinks they are learning anything about network security by participating. The Wargames is more of a scavenger hunt then anything else.

I really think you should reconsider publishing this one.


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