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How to order Meinel's books (and those of the hackers she most admires) from Amazon.com... Sorry, books from Amazon.com are not autographed.

Software Security: Building Security In, by Gary McGraw

If computer security professionals want to ensure the viability of their careers over the upcoming decades, knowledge of how to build security into the software development process will be a big asset. As Keith Rhodes, Chief Technologist and Director, Center for Technology and Engineering at the Government Accounting Office has said, "You can pay me now by coding it right, or pay me later. Go to the bookstore and check out the computer shelves. They come in two sections: books about crap, and books about how to survive crap. Surviving means workarounds, and they introduce their own problems." The success of McGraw's series of books on software security suggests that many software developers are getting religion: don't code crap any more!



The Hacking of America: Who's Doing It, Why and How (the "How" chapter was written by Carolyn Meinel) Review from Amazon.com: Hackers get a bad rap. Businesses, industries, and even society as a whole covet their skills, yet they are often misunderstood and frequently despised. Is their vilification justified? This is the first book to use previously validated psychological inventories to explore and profile the personalities and behavioral traits of more than 200 self-admitted hackers. Many of the profiled are at the top of their game, revered by both the good hackers ("white hats") and their more malevolent peers ("black hats").

Click here to read an excerpt from the book.

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The Best American Science Writing 2002 Review from Publishers Weekly
The 21 articles in this anthology represent the finest works of science journalism from the last year, culled from periodicals like Harper's, the New Yorker, Esquire, Scientific American, Wired and the New York Times. One chapter is Meinel's "Code Red for the Web," first published in Scientific American.

Read excerpts from the book

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The Happy Hacker: A Guide to Mostly Harmless Hacking This is the book that computer criminals hate so much that they defaced high profile web sites such as the White House and New York Times with threats and insults against Carolyn Meinel. What are they afraid of? They know that once you read The Happy Hacker (and this web site) you'll know that what computer criminals do is pathetically easy. Click here to read reviews and excepts from The Happy Hacker.

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Uberhacker II: More Ways to Break into Computers Are you ready for advanced hacker studies? Want to learn how to set up a research network in your home and play hacker wargames with your friends? Learn how the professionals discover new ways to break into computers. Click here for excerpts from the book.

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Computers in Society is used as a textbook in many college classes, and includes chapter on war in cyberspace by Carolyn Meinel. Click here for the table of contents and summaries.

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The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses The author of this book is Dr. Mark A. Ludwig, the world's most talented creator of computer viruses and worms. It's a good thing Dr. Ludwig is an ethical hacker who only uses his research to protect us, not zap us!

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 Building Secure Software: How to Avoid... This book is ideal for the advanced hacker. You'd better know how to program first! Building Secure Software explains exactly how exploits work, and the careless programming techniques that make exploits possible. Click here to read excerpts.

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