How many major power outages will occur in the USA in 2022?

M/B Research wants to know.


$100 prize money for the best combined non-advanced forecasts on this page. Another $100 for the best of those competing in the two advanced questions.



If you do not forecast any individual question, or if you begin forecasting after the opening day of the competition, your scores for those days on those questions will be the average of all forecasters on these questions.



Rules for what constitutes a major power outage:


  • They must not have been planned by the service provider.
  • They must affect at least 1,000 people.
  • They must last at least one hour.
  • In each of these, there must be at least 1,000,000 person-hours of disruption.


We will score your forecasts based upon: Because of the possibility of missing or erroneous data as later determined by a consensus of the Wikipedia editors, we will wait approximately two weeks after the end of 2022 to score these questions.


Wikipedia pages may be added to or altered by anyone. So if you discover that a major power outage isn't recorded there, please add it yourself. However, be careful to document where you found this news, or the editors might remove your addition.

Forecasts, USA Major Power Outages


Recent History

USA Electrical Power Outages

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Location Causes 2019 2020 2021

Your forecast for 2022: How many major outages in the USA?  Please estimate % probabilities for each

Advanced forecasters: Please estimate your probability graph, all USA major electrical power outages.
Texas snow storm     10 Jan none  
Most of the USA Winter Storm Uri     13-18 Feb 1 or 2
16 States multiple tornadoes   12-14 April   3 or 4
16 States Hurricane Isaias   3-5 Aug   5 or 6
8 States derecho   10 Aug   7
NM, OK and Texas ice storm   26 -28 Oct   8 or more
Texas snow storm 9-11-June     Your forecast for 2022: How many major power outages will there be in Texas, including from multistate events?

Advanced forecasters: Please estimate your probability graph for 2022 major power outages in Texas

Wisconsin thunderstorms, tornadoes and floods 19-20 July    
Michigan tornadoes 19-25 July     none  
New Jersey thunderstorms 22-26 July     1 or 2
East Coast USA Hurricane Dorian 2-21 Sept     3 or 4
14 States winter storm      

5 or more




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