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What else is new at this website, updated April 9, 2010

How to defend you home computer, updated April 9, 2010.

War in Cyberspace, updated Jan. 12, 2010

How to Break into Banks -- without Breaking the Law (would we lie to you?) See how Greggory Peck broke into a bank's computer system, legally. Updated Dec. 28, 2009

How to Become a Cyberwarrior You used to have to be a secret agent type and have "special" contacts with your government to get this kind of job. But today, in the United States, it's easy for you to win a career as a cyberwarrior Updated March 29, 2009

How to Defend or Attack the Internet with Border Gateway Protocol. It's too easy and way too scary, reports Happy Hacker's Carolyn Meinel. Updated Dec. 19, 2008.

Botnets, Part 1: Why They Strike and How to Defend Against Them. No longer are botnets just the annoying toys of script kiddies. Meinel reports that botnets are big business for organized crime, and reveals the latest ways to defeat them. Updated Dec. 19, 2008.

Botnets II: Emerging Threats, Tactics, and Defenses. It's an arms race between organized crime's botnets and the defenders of the Internet, reports Meinel. Oganized crime organizations are funding the world's most evil hackers to defeat today's botnet defenses. Meinel reveals current research that aims to defeat even the wiliest of the botnet designers.

How to build railguns and coilguns

Fed up with worms, viruses and hackers messing with your computer? Want to know how they do it? How to defend yourself?

How to Fake out Web Servers When You Visit (fun and legal!).

Fun with Firefox: you, too, can modify the world's most secure (and second most widely used browser}, even if you don't know how to program.

How to Get the Best Education in Computer Security.

Satellite Hacking - how to build your own and get them launched!

We've updated the guide on How to Fight Back when Computer Criminals Strike with new information about port scanners for Windows and, muhahaha - how to torment the bad guys so much that they quit their lives of crime!


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